Priapus Shot ® Provider Group Application

Priapus--the Greek god of fertility...from where we get the word "priapism"
priapus-(lower case) synonym for penis

Click Here Now to Apply to for Online-Training to Become a Licensed Provider of the Priapus Shot® (refunded if not approved or anytime within the next 3 months for any reason)<----

*You will not be approved if you are naturopathic doctor.
*You will not be approved if you do not have a supervising physician.

The ideal applicant will be licensed in primary care, urology, or age management medicine. If approved, you will be directed immediately to training videos and online testing.

License does not include rights to teach the procedure with the Priapus Shot® name without written permission. 

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Priapus Shot®...
Peyronie's Protocol<---

We enjoy a mastermind group of physicians teaching and investigating this procedure with board certification in urology, general surgery, interventional radiology and other specialties We would welcome qualified physicians to help us think about how to best research and to improve this technique. Feel free to call our office for further details.

Charles Runels, MD
Cellular Medicine Association




Application for Online Training (refunded if not approved or anytime within the next 3 months for any reason)<---