Priapus Shot ® Provider Application

Video filmed in 2012 and still relevant...

Priapus--the Greek god of fertility...from where we get the word "priapism" 
priapus-(lower case) synonym for penis
Priapus Shot® procedure--a very specific way for isolateing autologous platelet-rish plaasma (and other blood-derived growth factors) and injecting this isolate in a very specific way for homologous use to improve the health and function of the penis. The procedure was conceived and designed by Dr. Charles Runels in 2010 (the first to use PRP for treatment of erectile dysfunction); he registered his idea with the US Patent and Trademark Office at that time. The procedure has been investigated and confirmed by over 2,000 physicians in over 50 countries over the past decade (the Cellular Medicine Association). Much more research needs to be done.
P-Shot® procedure--abbreviation for Priapus Shot® procedure

Click Here Now to Apply to for Online-Training to Become a Licensed Provider of the Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®) Procedure 
You will receive a complete, cheerful, and complete refund (a) if not approved (b) or for any reason during the next 3 months. Add to Cart

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*You will not be approved if you are a naturopathic doctor. The politics of medicine put our group at risk if we approve you to the group.
*You will not be approved if you are a physician extender and do not have a supervising physician.
The ideal applicant will be licensed in primary care, urology, gynecology (yes, the wives bring their husbands), or age management medicine. After approval (one business day or less), you will be directed immediately to training videos and online testing.
The license does not include rights to teach the procedure with the Priapus Shot® name without written permission. 
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We enjoy a mastermind group of physicians teaching and investigating this procedure with board certification in urology, general surgery, internal medicine, interventional radiology, family practice, and other specialties. 

We welcome qualified physicians and physician extenders (depending on where you live and your local laws) to help us think about how to best research and improve this technique. Feel free to call our office for further details.

Charles Runels, MD
Cellular Medicine Association

Apply for Online Training...
Must pass the online test after studying the materials (about 1-2 hours for most qualified providers)
Refunded if not approved (or anytime within the next 3 months for any reason).
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