Mens Wellness Centers Members Offer

This Offer Only Good For Members of Men's Wellness Centers, Inc. Physicians...

This price is supplemented by Men's Wellness Centers, Inc.  Payment will start the application process.  If you're not an approved member of Mens' Wellness Centers, Inc and qualified to do these procedures, money will be refunded.

If approved, there will be no charge for 60 days, then a monthly fee of $47 per month will occur for each procedure.   The monthly fees help support collective advertising as well as attorneys used to keep non-qualified physicians from using these trademarked names.

Membership can be cancelled at anytime.  If membership is cancelled, then rights to use the trademarked names will be forfeited.  Teaching the procedures to other providers requires written permission.

(Priapus--the Greek god of fertility.  priapus-(not capitalized) synonym for penis)

IMPORTANT!!  Please watch this video about the value of words and the purpose of trademarks in medicine...

---->>>Click Here Now to Apply to for Training to Become a Licensed Provider of the Priapus Shot® procedure

---->>>Click here to apply for training and for monthly license for the O-Shot® Procedure

---->>>Click here to apply for training and for monthly license for the Vampire Facelift® procedure

Please allow one business day for approval.

If you send an email to me at to notify me that you've signed up and I will do my best to make it less than one business day.

If questions, please contact me...I very much want to support you and the good things that are happening with patients who have these procedures.

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD

Inventor of the Priapus Shot®, O-Shot®, and Vampire Facelift® procedures

251-648-7704 (voice or text)

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