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Charles Runels: Here's where to find the pump that you would give or sell to your patients if you do the Priapus Shot®. First you would login to the membership site. I put the wholesale price that they give to our people on the membership site so others can't get to it.

If you go to this link right here, and if you forgot your password this tells you how to reset your password. If you still can't figure it out, don't struggle. No big deal. Just call our office.

After you login, which I'm going to do for you, so you could login with your username or password, or if you have a lot of WordPress websites you can login with that and it would fit all of your WordPress websites.

After you login you go to the dashboard.
After you're on the dashboard go to how to do the procedure or supplies and sources. It lives both places.
When you scroll down you'll see on there somewhere something to do with pumps. This is the wholesale price on a hand pump right there. That would normally sell for about $150-$180, and here's the wholesale price on electric pump that would usually sell for somewhere between $350-$500, depending on what attachments you got to go with it.

That's it.

Charles Runels, MD

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